Obesity is quantifiable for every age group. Obesity is based on the Body Mass Index which is calculated by your height and weight. For example, a man weighing 230 pounds has a BMI of 32.1 which indicates the person is obese. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, this person should weigh between 133 and 179 pounds. Many people never would acknowledge they are obese at 230 pounds or even 190 pounds.

So many people try diets and extreme exercise regimens, but they cannot loose the weight they really need to loose. The frustration mounts, and often the embarrassment mounts also. They get tired of shopping for clothes and disgusted when the closet has nothing they look good in.

There is now a solution to this national epidemic of obesity, and it is called lap band surgery. It will stop obesity for life. This is not the invasive surgery people often think of when they hear the word surgery. A Single Incision Laparoscopic Surgery (SILS) is accomplished by making one small incision in the patient's umbilicus or belly button. There is less pain, and little or no scarring with this procedure. A cut is not made in the stomach muscle which shortens recovery time. The cosmetic results are amazing, because patients do not have visible scars after this surgery.

The Laproscopic Band is made of a hollow silicone band which forms a pouch in the area of the upper stomach. Tubing is attached to the band and an access port is located at the end of the tubing. The band is inflated with a salt solution inserted into the tubing to provide the desired opening in the stomach. An adjustment can be made to the band to increase or decrease the size of the passage into the stomach. The access port is used to add or remove the fluid which controls the size of the passage.


The lap band surgery is not a cure all procedure. The patient still has some work to do. The directions for post-surgical care are provided by the surgeon, and it is imperative that the patient follow these. If the patient does follow these, they will see great results. Check out stopobesityforlife.com for more.